Concept, Visual & Visual Plus. The new range of ovens from FAGOR

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL launches the new range of ovens that are part of the Visual Series. These units represent an important technological advance for the company’s hotel and restaurant equipment offer. The new range of ovens offer three different models incorporating different features: Concept, Visual and Visual Plus, manufactured in five different sizes and available in gas or electric versions. All the ovens incorporate state-of-art electronics for complete and perfect control of the cooking processes and perfect results every time.

hornos fagor visual1 - Concept, Visual & Visual Plus. The new range of ovens from FAGOR

The basic model, Concept, offers both dry heat and steam cooking or both together -this last option is only available in the electric version -while reaching a maximum dry heat temperature of 300º C. Furthermore, Concept ovens incorporate three power levels; cool down function, humidifier and an optional skewer function. Concept ovens are also very easily serviced because they do not require the removal of any exterior panels to verify the correct performance of the oven’s components. They also incorporate various alerts that are activated if the oven detects a malfunction of any kind. 

horno visual fagor1 - Concept, Visual & Visual Plus. The new range of ovens from FAGORThe Visual model incorporates all the benefits of the Concept model but includes the skewer option and a retractable shower that can be used with the door open for other uses, such as an independent water connection.

A screen and a power controller substitute the buttons while making it easier to programme the oven. Apart from the features that make it easy to service the oven, the Visual models incorporate the thermal stop function that allows users to choose if they want the cooking time to start as soon as the oven is turned on, or only when the desired temperature is reached. 

Finally, the Visual Plus range incorporates all the benefits of the Visual model but also adds the latest visualization and process technology because it incorporates three different screens with VGA resolution to control cooking times and processes. Hygiene is achieved in the ovens thanks to their internal cleaning system.


Source: FAGOR NEWS Nº 01/2009