Eco cooling system by LG: Solar Hybrid AC

LG electronics recently unveiled the first eco-friendly solar hybrid air conditioner in Korea. This new product provides up to 70 watts of power per hour via solar cell modules attached to the top of this outdoor unit.

lg solar ac2 - Eco cooling system by LG: Solar Hybrid AC

Solar powered air conditioning makes so much sense; it is hottest when the sun shines. Even is a great advance, slapping a 70 watt solar panel on top of a thousand watt air conditioner is certainly a help, but hardly the holy grail of solar air conditioning.

According to the Korean manufacturer, this new hybrid system is capable of reducing around 212 kg of CO² over 10 years, equivalent to 780 pine trees (over the same period).

LG’s solar hybrid AC won’t be the final solution in cooling appliances, but is the first step for a greener and more efficient air conditioning system.