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JUMBO HOSTEL: The first hotel build inside an airplane

A Swedish businessman is building a hotel inside a Boeing 747-200. The airplane is already park in its final location, the Arlanda airport in Stockholm. The new JUMBO HOSTEL will be open in December.

boeing7471 - JUMBO HOSTEL: The first hotel build inside an airplane

Arlanda will now have its first hostel, a necessity considering that 17-18 million travellers pass through the airport every year. Initiator and owner is Oscar Diös, long time owner of a hostel and hotel in Uppsala. Arlanda will soon have a new landmark.

– It’s fantastic to turn the first sod after nearly two years of preparations. The jumbo jet, that has been idling unused at Arlanda since 2002, was purchased in 2007 and is now undergoing full reconstruction and renovation. In December 2007 Sigtuna authorities granted a building permit for Jumbo Hostel at Arlanda and now the ground works are commencing at the entranceway to Arlanda, says Oscar Diös, GM and owner of Jumbo Hostel.

Jumbo Hostel will be the world’s first hostel located in a jumbo jet on the ground. – Arlanda will have a new attraction and an exceptional alternative for spending a night.


Source: www.jumbohostel.com