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New EUNASA Mini Ice-Makers

EUNASA has launched a new Mini Ice-Makers that in comparison with the old model improves its technical features as well as it has a very trendy design. The new Ice-Maker of the OSLO range has a total production capacity of 18 Kg per day, producing 12 ice-cubes every 5 to 10 minutes depending on the cube size selection.

5120251 - New EUNASA Mini Ice-Makers


It is really easy to operate through its intuitive control pad, the user could choose between three different ice-cube sizes (S, M & L). Furthermore the control pad has several pilot lamps which warn us about the requirements of the ice-maker (empty water, full of ice, etc.)

It measures 35 x35 cm (height and width); and 40 cm deep. The reduced size of the machine make possible to adapt it to any confined space. In another point, the capacity of the water and the ice-cubes tank are 3 and 2 liters respectively.

Do not miss the opportunity to have always ice available for preparing your drinks and cocktails so that you could surprise your customers, family and friends. For any information or request contact the commercial department of EUNASA.