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Sharks dinner at PALMA AQUARIUM

The Balearic island of Mallorca is known for offering many unique places where savour a great dinner while you enjoy a beautiful environment. On The Big Blue of PALMA AQUARIUM – the Europe’s deepest aquarium – there is on of these special restaurants. Panthalassa Restaurant gives you the opportunity of tasting the best Mediterranean flavours while you observe the 200 different species living on The Big Blue – including a few SHARKS! –

palma aquarium - Sharks dinner at PALMA AQUARIUM

restaurante panthalassa palma aquarium 300x217 - Sharks dinner at PALMA AQUARIUM

It all begins with a welcome cocktail next to the jellyfishes while a biologist – an ocean guide – explain you curious things about the animals that live on the aquarium. A diver greets you with a poster underwater at the same time you start listening to an aquatic audio system. The dinner is such an amazing experience, starting with the luxury menu that the restaurant serves, combined with a dim light environment which is required for the animals needs, and completing all with an outstanding waiters service. Finally, a violin solo puts the background music to a five senses evening dinner. 

Like this is how customers have dinner on the PALMA AQUARIUM.